BRIDGE is a collective of Film & TV industry professionals from across Casting, Production, Writing, Directing and Outreach. BRIDGE aims to impact and transform the industry by ensuring the safeguarding and legacy of new and emerging talent, who may otherwise have limited access to further career development opportunities and/or training. 

We also offer industry partnerships to help talent agencies & agents, production companies, and broadcasters to safely and equitably engage with new talent. We do this by providing training for staff and departments, offering key working during development, on set and beyond, and by providing ongoing enrichment programmes for talent to engage in. 

BRIDGE is committed to build bridges across the industry, where systems and practice have historically failed many, leaving people stranded, lost, isolated, excluded or rejected. BRIDGE challenges and works with the industry to make real change and invites new talent to take up space, belong, and build sustainable, safe and long-term careers in arts and entertainment, whether in front of or behind the camera.



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